Membership Types - Click below for more info:
  • ACTIVE ($235)

    Practicing elementary & middle-level principals, assistant principals, and related educators. Active members receive all NAESP benefits and services, including Legal Benefits Program ($2M individual professional liability coverage/up to $10K for job protection defense, based on continuous years of membership). Discounts on conference registration.


    Available to all students, teachers, graduate students, counselors, and others pursuing a career as an elementary or middle-level administrator. Includes all NAESP benefits and services EXCEPT the Legal Benefits Program.

  • ASSOCIATE ($135)

    Available to professors of education or non-administrators. Includes all benefits and services EXCEPT the Legal Benefits Program.


    Includes an Active membership plus a duplicate set of publications for your school library.


    Available to Universities and School Libraries only. Includes a subscription to all NAESP publications. Does not include legal benefits program. Not an individual membership.


    For those principals working outside the U.S. Includes most benefits and services. Does NOT include Legal Benefits Program.

  • EMERITUS ($118)

    For all retired NAESP Active members. Includes all benefits and services, including $2M individual professional liability coverage, plus membership in AARP & NRTA.

  • RETIRED ($60)

    Available to all retired NAESP Active members or current Emeritus members. Includes some benefits & services, EXCEPT the Legal Benefits Program. Includes membership in AARP & NRTA.

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